Easy Hikes

Suone Visperi


Visp - Eyholz / 1h30

Believe it or not, in just a quarter of an hour from the train station you can be hiking along one of the most spectacular historical irrigation channels in the Valais! You will find the irrigation channel (Suone) if you turn left after the place-name sign on the road to Visperterminen, passing above an apiary. The path runs along the channel eastwards through lush meadows into a chestnut grove.



Planet Trail


Visp – Staldbach – Stundhüs – Neubrück – Stalden / 1h55

The Planet Trail is a model of our solar system on a scale of 1:1 billion and enables you to gain an insight into the relative sizes and distances from each other of the members of our solar system. The trail is mainly flat and not too strenuous. A fascinating, instructive experience is guaranteed.

Due to construction work at Staldbach in connection with the A9 motorway, the Planet Trail has been re-routed until further notice. This concerns the section between the descent at Staldbach and the motorway bridges. This section has been diverted to the footpath along the valley road.

You will find further information about the diversion here.



Suonen Trail

Unterbäch – Haltsuon – Obri Bächi – Eischoll / 1:30 h

The starting point for this hike is the village square in Unterbäch. This trail to Eischoll was re-    recently rebuilt. The path runs through lush meadows, through rustling forests and, of course, along the babbling Haltsuon irrigation channel to Eischoll.


”Women’s Quotations” Trail


Unterbäch – Brandalp – Boduwald – Unterbäch / 1:10 h

Take the cable-car to Brandalp, the starting point of the Women’s Quotations Trail. On the way to Unterbäch you will find 12 display boards with quotations by famous women. The trail passes through easy terrain, can be undertaken in light hiking boots and is also suitable for children. If you prefer to walk uphill, you can begin the trail in Unterbäch.


Birch Education Trail, Bürchen


Zenhäusern – Bodmen – Schigarten – Mauracker – Hasel – Schigarten – Zenhäusern / 2:00 h

You can learn a lot of interesting facts about the birch tree, which gave the  village of Bürchen its name, on 10 display boards at various locations in the village. The trail is laid out in such a way that you can start or finish the circular route at any of the display boards. We recommend you take a picnic with you or eat in one of the restaurants along the way. Good footwear is also recommended.


Suone Beitra

Suone Beitra_Visperterminen

Visperterminen – Harnisch Biel – Birch – Suone Beitra – Visperterminen / 1:50h

Starting at the “Bildji” village square in Visperterminen, you go past the former granary for the Visp valley towards Birch. Many typical old Valais barns along the side of the path stand as witnesses of days gone by. A short descent leads from Birch to the “Beitra” irrigation channel. There is a wonderful view of the Weisshorn from here. The trail then follows the channel back to the village at 1,375 m above sea-level. Follow the signs marked “Suone Beitra”. (The hike can also be done in the opposite direction.)


Bhutan Bridge

Bhutanbrücke mit Flaggen

Leuk SBB in Susten, Pletschen, Bhutanbrücke, Leuk SBB in Susten /2h10

This hike starts at Leuk SBB station in Susten. Go through the car park to the main road. After 250 m turn left off the main road at the garage and follow the signs. Walk along the Illbach mountain stream and past the camping site at Pletschen. Continue straight ahead to the 134-m-long Bhutan hanging footbridge. This is the highest point of the hike, from where you have a view of the rugged Illgraben trench. The trail continues over the bridge and through the Pfyn Forest, the biggest pine forest in the Alps, towards “Abschlacht” and back to Leuk SBB station.

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