Cave de la Tour

Traube CavedelaTour

Visit the winery of the Cave de la Tour in the old part of the town to the south of the church and taste some typical Valais wines, or enjoy an aperitif in the secluded cellar or the garden terrace.

Cave de la Tour, Treichweg 3, 3930 Visp
Tel. +41 27 946 57 07 /


Chanton Weine


Since 1944, the Chantons have been cultivating types of grape unique in the world with creativity, courage, a great deal of patience and extraordinary talent, and are now in their third generation. The Chanton winery hosts visitors in two different rooms in the old town of Visp, depending on the size of the group: either in the modern-style wine gallery in an old vaulted cellar or in the new Wine Forum, also in the historical part of the town. Prices for wine-tasting are available on request. Enjoy the scenery, the food, the old town of Visp and the wines from the Chanton winery. (Price-list on request)


Choice of 2 wines or soft drinks, apple juice / orange juice: CHF 18.00 per person

Chanton Weine, Kantonsstrasse 70, 3930 Visp
Tel. +41 27 946 21 53 /


Johanneli Fi Winery


Wine-tasting and a fabulous experience: guided tours and the telling of legends combined with wine-tasting. The tours are conducted by “Zimmermannji” in his winery, which is hewn out of the rock, and are ideal for associations, groups and companies. The combination of wines, culinary specialities from the Valais and thrilling legends has enthralled many a group of visitors and held them under its spell much longer than planned. The cosy premises can accommodate groups of up to 30 people.

Johanneli Fi Weinkeller, Treichweg 5, 3930 Visp
Tel. +41 79 757 95 40 /


Vini Fini Wine Merchants


Visit the world of small wineries and nature-friendly cultivation, and discover the small but significant difference. You will find a large selection of wines and distillates from the Valais, Italy, France, Portugal and Spain at Vini Fini, in the historical centre of Visp. With exquisite wines of the best quality, you are sure to find the right wine or the right distillate in this shop. Order now online or come by in person. Vini Fini will deliver to your home address and also sends gift packages!

Vini Fini, Zum Blauen Stein, Junkergasse 4, 3930 Visp
Tel. +41 44 450 44 11 /

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